Our vision is to help plan, build, activate, manage, and sustain the most successful, engaging, and innovative events, tournaments, and leagues for our clients.




As the founder of Tourney Mint, Gidon Frank has over 10 years of sports events, tournaments, and leagues expertise. Gidon graduated from Brock University with a BA degree in Community Recreation. He also has his MA in Non-Profit Management and Leadership.  

Gidon has organized events as large as 200+ teams, over 10,000 participants, and with over 500 games at multiple sites. He has also operated multi-million dollar sports leagues for both adults and youth. 

Gidon has traveled to various places across the world to take part in and assist with sporting events. He has hosted several sports teams from China, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hungary, and more. His expertise in tourism and hospitality, scheduling partnerships, sponsorships, online tools, registration, payments, prizing and more will help take your Event to the next level.

During these difficult times, it's so important to keep your customers and employees engaged while being socially distant. Gidon and his expertise can help your organization achieve its goals. 




Our mission is to be able to provide the proper tools to our clients to operate their events, tournaments, and leagues successfully. We are committed to providing high levels of customer satisfaction while ensuring we provide the best recommendations and resources to maximize our client's potential.

We provide both consulting and full management services for all Events, Tournaments, and Leagues. 

Who wants to sit for hours creating a tournament or league SCHEDULE? Contact us so we can take away your stress of creating a tournament or league schedule. 



Valuing the heart of your business while at a distance.

Work-life before Social Distancing, how do we stay closer to each other when far away?

Contact us for guidance on planning your next Corporate Event. 

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Stay Engaged, Stay Connected

Find out how Social Distancing can bring you closer together.


So your season/event is canceled.

Now what? 

There are still ways to keep people engaged, focused, and ready to go. Keep that competitive drive alive. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help plan your next Virtual Social Event & Games Night. 



Times are tough, how do we give back to those less fortunate? 

Fundraisers are no piece of cake but luckily we can help. With our expertise we can provide you with the tools to raise money for your organization through sport. 


We help you and your organization Establish an event, Enhance it, and Engage your participants. 



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